Reports To:  Operations Manager

Job Overview:

Individual will be an integral part of the warm welcome and fond farewell process by greeting all customers.  Individual will be the primary mover of vehicles to and from the parking facility.  Individual will have some safety and loss prevention responsibilities.  Individual will learn and use aggressive hospitality concepts at all times.

Key Relationships:

All parking customers, property and parking associates

Standard Specifications:

Individual will remain in proper post position when not moving a vehicle or cleaning the drive.  Individual will be attentive to all customers and coworkers.  Individual will perform in a professional manner at all times.  Individual will observe all safety rules and regulations.



  1. Ability to communicate effectively in English.
  2. Ability to provide legible communications.
  3. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. Familiarity of property operations and surroundings.
  5. Valid driver’s license with a safe driving record.
  6. Able to operate a standard shift (Manual) vehicle


  1. High school graduate or equivalent
  2. Ability to communicate in another language



  1. Ability to smile, acknowledge, greet and extend a warm welcome to each and every customer.
  2. Ability to enhance the wellbeing of each customer to ensure a positive memorable parking experience.
  3. Ability to provide high levels of customer service and demands the same from all associates.
  4. Ability to maintain high standard of cleanliness of work area, personal appearance, organization, etc. and demand the same from associates.



Previous customer relations training

Previous valet parking experience

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Must attend all continued training seminars and classes when called upon.
  2. Must attend all meetings required by property and corporate office.
  3. Must have a working knowledge of valet attendant job description.
  4. Must adhere to associate-parking restrictions.
  5. Must adhere to departmental phone answering script.
  6. Must adhere to associate posting and rotation procedures.
  7. Must observe tip procedures.
  8. Must follow all policies as outlined in CPS Employment Handbook.
  9. Must inform corporate office of driver’s license status at all times.
  10. Must perform at a high level in aggressive hospitality at all times.
  11. Will ensure the traffic flow on the driveway is efficient.
  12. Will be aware of all unattended vehicles on the driveway.
  13. Will ensure all unattended vehicles on the driveway be movable if emergency arises.
  14. Will be the secondary issuer of valet parking tickets to the guests.
  15. Must participate in the customer coat program.
  16. Must participate in customer name recognition program.
  17. Must participate in property VIP customer program.
  18. Must observe vehicle call-down procedures.
  19. Must observe luxury vehicle procedures.
  20. Must observe oversize vehicle procedures.
  21. Must observe handicap vehicle procedures.
  22. Must introduce upset customer to manager or supervisor in a professional manner.
  23. Must observe seemingly intoxicated customer procedures.
  24. Must observe prohibition of removing customer vehicle from property procedures.
  25. Must observe procedures of securing customer valuables in vehicle.
  26. Must perform a vehicle pre-existing damage inspection.
  27. Must assist in lot checks by being observant for potential problems in the parking area.
  28. Must be alert for parking hazards and make adjustments in parking the vehicle accordingly.
  29. Must report all incidents and accidents no matter how minor to a manager or supervisor.
  30. Must report all personal injuries suffered while working to a manager or supervisor.
  31. Must introduce a customer who has lost their claim check to the manager or supervisor.
  32. Must fill out all parking tickets as instructed by management.
  33. Must secure each vehicle parked unless otherwise instructed by management.
  34. Must initial every parking ticket for accountability purposes.

Physical requirements of the position include:

  1. Ability to drive standard shift
  2. Ability to sprint short distances
  3. Ability to stand for long periods of time (up to 10 or 12 hours, less break)
  4. Ability to withstand extreme temperatures
  5. Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds (signs, luggage, etc.)


A review of this job description has excluded the marginal functions of the position that are incidental to the performance of fundamental job duties.  All duties and requirements are essential job functions.

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This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the associate occupying this position.  Associate will be required to perform any other job-related duties as assigned by their supervisor including the corporate office.

This document does not create any employment