Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations by being the leading Nigeria provider of professional, responsive, value added services within the parking management sector.  Wasiu A Seriki, Managing Director

Within the parking industry there are some unscrupulous operators with untrained staff or popularly called ‘Area Boys’ who have given the parking management industry a bad reputation and a poor image in Nigeria. Here at CPS we take immense pride in being different and providing our clients with an experience that is professional in its approach, positive in its delivery and rewarding with its results.

Parking Management is something you shouldn’t have to worry about. We will take the time to understand your specific needs and propose a solution that meets those needs whilst ensuring the protection of both your brand and your image.

We are also Independent Parking Advisors to companies and organisations who own, manage, control or operate off-street car parks. We provide Viability Assessments; Financial Modelling; Design Solutions; Procurement Specifications and Services; Asset Management solutions; operational specifications; Revenue advice and optimisation; Reality Checks; Estate Strategies; development and funding advice; Planning Strategies. All from simple overview to In-Depth Analysis and Solutions. We are 100% independent.

We are confident in calling ourselves the leading professional parking company in the nation. To us, it’s not just about concrete and steel; it’s about ensuring that our parking garages are state of the art, technically sound structures that leave an environmentally attractive footprint on the ground where they are constructed. To us, parking is more than a few stripes on the ground; it’s an extremely technical and sophisticated business and one which demands a team of experienced professionals that specialize solely in that business. When our clients consider the cost, time, and knowledge required to ensure a successful parking project, working with us a single, experienced resource for a totally integrated parking solution is the only practical and cost-effective choice.